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‘Loki’ Multi-gym – Multifunctional Rack


ESTIMATED availability on July 25, 2024


Our customers love us!
Our customers love us!

'Loki' Multi-Gym

World Class Multi-Gym

Introducing the 'Loki' Dual Stack Multi-Gym Rack from our Norse Range, named after the god of trickery. This versatile rack offers a diverse range of exercises for home and commercial use. With a smith rail machine, dual cable pulleys totaling 260kg, squat rack, leg press, pull-up bar, chest press, and more, 'Loki' provides extensive workout options. It features a self-balancing Smith Machine, 2:1 weight ratio for varied resistance, adjustable dip station, pull-up bar, leg press/row attachment, and ample weight plate storage for a comprehensive workout experience.

Product Highlights

  • 130kg Per Weight Stack (260kg Total)
  • 2:1 Weight Stack Ratio
  • Dual Stack & Cable Crossover
  • Dip Station & Pull-Up Bar
  • Leg Press & Row
  • Weight Plate Storage
  • Lat Pull Downs
  • Smith Rail
  • Endless Exercise Options

Commercial Grade Pulleys

The 'Loki' Dual Stack Multi-Gym Rack boasts a commercial-grade pulley system, designed from premium aluminium cables. It ensures consistent resistance for various exercises, offers 16 height adjustments per side, and enables both unilateral and compound movements with ease. Ideal for commercial settings or dedicated home gyms, it provides professional-grade performance and versatility in workouts.

Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar

Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar

The Multi-grip Pull-Up Bar on the 'Loki' Dual Stack Multi-Gym Rack features four grip positions for versatile upper body workouts. Its anti-slip handles ensure a secure grip, allowing users to target different muscle groups effectively, ensuring you can develop incredible upper-body strength.

260kg Lifting Power

The 'Loki' Dual Stack Multi-Gym Rack features two weight stacks, each totaling 130kg, providing a combined resistance of 260kg. This setup allows for a wide range of exercises with customizable resistance levels. Users can adjust the weights incrementally, from 5kg upwards, offering versatile options for different strength levels and workout intensities. The dual stacks ensure constant tension throughout movements, accommodating both unilateral and compound exercises effectively.

Fully Adjustable Height Settings

Fully Adjustable Height Settings

With 16 different height settings per side, this system accommodates various exercises and user preferences. Whether adjusting for different body sizes, exercise types, or targeting specific muscle groups, simply pull and loosen the bolt to vary your height choice and exercise.

‘Loki’ Multi-gym – Multifunctional Rack
ESTIMATED availability on July 25, 2024