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‘Njord’ Gym Bundle



Our customers love us!
Our customers love us!

'Njord Series' Gym Bundle

Endurance Meets Power

The 'Njord' Gym Bundle merges elite cardio and strength gear, uniting the 'Kratos' Ultimate Bundle with RPM Power's 'Njord' Series Air Rower & Air Bike Pro. Inspired by Scandinavian fitness standards, the Njord Series guarantees top-tier performance and durability. With precision design and a significant cost-saving compared to individual items, this bundle equips you with all the tools for peak fitness. The 'Kratos' Ultimate Edition Multi-Gym offers a comprehensive set of equipment, while the 'Njord' Air Bike Pro and Air Rower provide a challenging workout with precision engineering. Unleash your potential with the 'Njord' Gym Bundle.

Product Highlights

  • Multifunction Squat Rack
  • Smith Rail
  • Dual Plate Loaded Pulley System
  • Cable Crossovers
  • Commercial Weight Bench
  • Landmine Attachment
  • Air Bike Pro
  • Air Rowing Machine Pro

2 x 70kg Weight Stacks Included:

This multi-functional rack is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment we have ever created. Featuring 140kg worth of weight stacks, this multigym gives you the opportunity to train your arms, legs, chest and core like never before.

Dual Pulley System:

Dual Pulley System:

With adjustable height selectors, you can easily change the focus of your workout to different parts of your body to target multiple muscle groups. Our Dual Adjustable Pulley setup provides a smooth movement, allowing you to work each side of your body unlike a fixed weight machine.

Comfort in Performance

The RPM Power Airbike has been fitted with a large, comfortable seat to provide you with exceptional support when training. With multiple seat adjustment options available, focus on your intensity with this exceptional piece of fitness equipment.

Monitor Your Training

Monitor Your Training

The interactive LCD monitor offers everything you need to track and optimize your workouts, including integrated training programmes that will challenge even the most advanced rower. Measure time, distance, SPM, calories burned and more during each rowing session.

Low Maintenance Design

Whether you train in a garage, gym, bedroom or office, our Air Bike’s compact and convenient design means it can be used almost anywhere. With transport wheels and stabilising feet included, the bike can be moved easily wherever you go. The fan-powered resistance design of the bike means it is powered and operated by you.

Total Body Training

Total Body Training

Rowing is unique in the fact that it is both an anaerobic and aerobic activity. As a form of cardio (aerobic), rowing will push you to your limits and build endurance as you train. As a form of strength training (anaerobic), you’ll build serious muscle strength and tone as you fight against the resistance generated by your movements. Best of all - rowing engages muscle groups across the entire body making for a punishing total-body workout every time.

Njord Bundle
‘Njord’ Gym Bundle